Remix-a-go-go part II

28 Feb

Some remixes to start, some dirty electro to finish… Oh, and turn up your speakers.

M.I.A – Bird Flu (Berlin Remix)

Supreeme – Who We Are (Royal Rumble Remix)

The Whip – Trash (South Central Remix)

The Fire & Reason – NME (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Boys Noize – & Down (Lil Bro Peep’s Haunted House Remix)

Atomic Hooligan – I don’t Care (Tomcraft Remix)

Martin Solveig – C’est La Vie (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Decalicious – La Faviere 76 (Larsz Chaptier Remix)

Ghosthustler – Someone Else’s Ride (Not a remix… just quite fun)

Fantastadon – Anesthesiologist

Thanks to Slutty Fringe, MissingToof and BIGSTEREO

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