(Late) Monday Fun

10 Mar

So after a pretty hectic weekend… here are some fun things to kick off your week:

Played by a top-DJ-friend at Eurotrash this weekend, this got me a bit over-excited:
Wannabe – Spice Girls (The Touch Remix)

Pete Tong’s Essential song of the week and quite rightly so:
Something New (Galactic Remix) – The Black Ghosts vs. Lindstrom

Annie Mac played this massive collaboration last week (excuse her talking briefly):
Soulwax vs. Justice – Disco Sirens

These Boots Were Made for Walking – DJ Metric

Can’t get enough of Hercules and Love Affair.. particularly Blind which is sure to be huge. They are all over the press so we shall see. Sam Sparro seems to be on the rise (as predicted uh-huh!) and on every radio station and music channel well, everywhere. Gnarls Berkley‘s new album is also bound to be rather good, the first single Run is good, not sure about the others yet haven’t listened enough. But I will.

PrettyMuchAmazing has posted lots and lots of delightful Soulwax remixes for your listening delight. Nothing new here just some favourites.

The new Ministry Of Sound Mash Up Mix 2008 is seriously, seriously fun. So go, download it, or even buy it.

Thanks to POS, TheseRocksPop

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