Does it offend you, YEAH?

16 Apr

I don’t really have much else for you than these:

M83 – We Own The Sky (Maps Remix)

Annie – Heartbeat (Royksopp remix)

Muse – Map of the Problematic (Does it Offend You Yeah? Remix)

The Danger remix of Sebastian Teller’s Divine is actually amazing. But I can’t link it anymore as I got asked to take it down. Search away Internet geniuses..
(I think that Van She, Danger and The Shoes should have a ‘mix-off’ as I cannot quite choose who’s stuff I like more.)

I got told to listen to ‘Rosey‘ the other day, she is a Jazz singer, and quite good actually.
Rosey – Love (Koop Remix)

Also, Joan As Policewoman is releasing a new album in June, Hoorah! This is quite old news, but alas, I forgot. I missed her last time she was in Brighton so I have already got my sights on a ticket.

Next week, I shall be giving you a nice little run down of the best people (in my humble opinion) that are playing at Great Escape in Brighton, and where they are playing too as they just released the full line up.

Thanks to Disco Delicious

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