Camille Dalmais will get me through my last week of Uni…

27 May

Yes, that’s right readers. I might actually have finally finished my degree by Friday at 12pm. Thrills! Watch this space..

I got recommended Camille on Saturday went home and downloaded three of her albums, haven’t stopped listening since. She’s been around since 2002 signed to Virgin and released Les Sac Des Filles in 2004, going on later that year to start collaborating with Nouvelle Vague’s Marc Collin. In 2005 she went on to release Le Fil which is an absolutely amazing, rare style of album. It has a thread (or drone) that stays the same the entire way through and only uses double bass and a keyboard to go with the vocals, it’s like a voice exploration album, quite something i’m sure you’ll agree.

My favourite song is Money Note which is basically taking the piss out of that incredibly high note that only Mariah Carey seems to be able to hit. You can have a listen to it here and here is a song from her Le Fil:

Camille – Ta Douler

NB. To anyone that may compare her to Bjork, please don’t.

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