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6 Feb

Anyone reading anymore? Sorry I’ve been completely useless. Ideas to get a new website may not be going to plan.. but they will happen.

So, got Twitter? Add me if you have…
It’s actually pretty ‘neat’, I’m adding people who’s updates are actually relative to me, apart from Stephen Fry maybe. BUT, Little Boots, Annie Mac, PopJustice amongst others, are regularly updating with their news.
The Great Escape Festival which is a yearly May event in Brighton are (is?) also one of my friends, I’m just debating whether I’m going to get a ticket this year. Last year, I blagged press passes which was actually brilliant. This year, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. So far, these wonderful acts have been announced:
Metronomy * Kissy Sell Out * Future of the Left * Ben Kweller * Johnny Foreigner * Esser * Passion Pit * Dananananaykroyd * The Big Pink * The Soft Pack* The Chapman Family * Micachu and the Shapes * Let’s Wrestle * Bell X1 * VV Brown * Vivian Girls * The Golden Silvers * Official Secrets Act * The Handsome Family * Your Twenties * An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump * It Hugs Back * Pulled Apart by Horses * Middle Class Rut * To The Bones * KASMs * Televised Crimewave * The Joy Formidable * Cassie and the Cassettes * Tin Can Telephone * A Grave With No Name * Yves Klein Blue * The John Steel Singers *

Not bad eh? Last year, my highlights were seeing Alphabeat at the worst bar in Brighton, ‘Horatio’s’ on the Pier, Laura Marling’s last gig with Noah and the Whale, and Operator Please. Tickets are £39.50 at the moment, get yours HERE.

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