7 Jul

So in what seems to be a re-occurring theme, I’ve been a shit friend and have totally forgotten to post my friend Dan’s new Summer Mixtape – he is a really well known DJ around Brighton in the UK and mainly plays Electro and House to very willing listeners. He has a couple of residencies and I’m sure you can catch him around Brighton Pride doing his ‘thang’.

Missy’s Summer Mix

1. Hands Up Everybody 2009 (Chriss Ortega Mix)
2. Body Rock (Dave Aude Vocal Mix)
3. Shoes (Spencer & Hill Remix)
4. Trippin ( Thomas Gold Remix)
5. Love Will Set You Free
6. streetgirls (dabruck & klein mix)
7. I Like It (Ian Carey’s Ghetto Fabulous Mix)
8. Fruit Machine (Dave Spoon Vocal Mix)
10. Mars Vs Blaqstar (Andy George’s Mash Up)
11. Ghosts (Thomas Gold Club Mix)

It’s well good.

One Response to “Mixtape”

  1. Mikey East 07/07/2009 at 4:29 pm #

    NICE Picture…gazelle.

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