Barclay Card Mercury Prize gig

22 Jul

Last night I was treated by Barclay card (and Stella…) to go to a gig as part of their run up to the Mercury Music awards. I mentioned a couple of days ago the nominees, and last night we got to see Florence & The Machine supported by Mr Hudson at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden – proper swanky members club.

I wasn’t allowed a camera, but if you keep an eye out on the Sessions website here you’ll soon be able to see the entire gig which was televised. I was at the front, clearly looking like a moron so I’m sure they’ll edit that bit out. Mr Hudson was pretty good, from knowing very little about him apart from his single Supernova which is being played quite a lot. He had a full band all dressed in white ranging from a couple of backing singers to a fairly incredible steel drummer and general percussionist Joy Joseph who has the biggest set of lungs I’ve ever heard. Her Myspace is here and is worth keeping an eye on as I have a feeling there may be a solo project in the pipe line. Mr Hudson himself was wearing a pretty dapper suit and bounced around on stage singing around 6 or 7 songs that really warmed the audience up, he was great.

So with half an hour break to re-set the stage, a few more beers and some bloke prancing around on stage doing the introductions who clearly was just pulled out of no where, Florence and her band entered, Mojito in hand and legs to kill for, she sang most of the songs off her new album Lungs with much whooping from the crowd at all the incredible notes she can hit. She has had such a lot of hype, like most other newish female singers who are “the next best thing” “tipped for the top” etc. by all the newspapers and on-line blogs, but she was fucking great so I’ve well and truly jumped on that bandwagon.

I was really impressed with the whole event, I can’t complain, it was free but sometimes these live filmed events are really shit. So thank you Barclay’s Bank for probably one of my favourite gigs ever. And thanks to Twitter, as that was my second amazing gig in a week courtesy of you. NICEONE.

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