Fare Soldi Mixtape

28 Jul

What a Summer TREAT! The disco Italians Fare Soldi are back with another mixtape to make you hopefully forget about this shit weather and dance a bit. Even if it’s just around your room.

Capri Sonne Mix ’09 – Fare Soldi (thanks to BigStereo)


1) Imagination “Changes (Dimitri from Paris is Nightdubbing)”
2) Disco Drive “Things to do today (Amari Night Members Club rmx)”
3) Passion Pit “The reeling (Calvin Harris rmx)”
4) Snob Scrilla “Spaceship”
5) Prince “Partyman”
6) Dj Herbie “Re-Think about”
7) Funkabit “Lords of Coney Island (Fare Soldi Lords of Coney Zugna rmx)”
8) Fast Foot “Eye of the tiger”
9) Black Eyed Peas “Imma be”
10) Da Youngsta’s “Hip Hop Ride”
11) Airys “Esco (Fare Soldi Dentro e Fuori rmx)”
12) Jean Moustache “Vodka champagne”
13) Spencer & Hill “Young Love”
14) Machine Drum ft. Theophilus London “Late night operation (Villains & Mike Dextro rmx)”
15) Loredana Berte’ “Prima o po

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