Peaches 1/9/09 Concorde 2

9 Sep

So one week ago I went to Brighton to see Peaches play at Concorde 2. Here are some photos I took to make you jealous:




She was incredible, yet again. This was the second time that I’ve seen her at this venue and she really lived up to expectations yet again storming the stage with an array of costume changes from her and her band. She played all the classics, plus a few new tracks which seemed to go down particularly well, and also did about 1o0 encores much to our delight. I think she crowd surfed three times, but mainly just was trampling over us trying to stay upright. Lame highlight for me – making an entrance to The Scala Choir’s version of Blondie’s I Touch Myself.

After she played, my friends from Milk Teef club night in Brighton DJ’d and you can go check them out in Brighton where they have club nights once a month, or at the blog here, it’s all about urban music and rhythm n’ shit, something I know little about but have been promised to be educated on. *Ahem LMC*

Peaches – Talk To Me

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