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6 Feb

D.I.M, currently touring Australia, on the Boys Noize record label, has some very good remixes indeed. They posted a couple of them online a few days ago:


14 Nov

Fake Blood Strikes again!

Coming Up

25 Oct

It’s sometimes (more often that not) a complete disaster when members of a band go on to have a solo career. However, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip has squashed this theory of awful side solo projects with a brilliant cover of Paul McCartney’s song Coming Up.

It is from his almost single handily produced album Rubbed Out which you can purchase right here from Cargo records.

With thanks to SluttyFringe, here is a link:

Oh Ok, It’s Little Boots Again..

18 Jun

She’s only gone and done a Hot Chip cover on the Tenorian…


8 May

Hot Chip were in the Radio 1 Live Lounge last week and did a cover of Wiley’s Wearing my Rolex.

Pure brilliance right here.

Thanks to FuelFriends for the link

Hot Chip Tour

23 Apr

New tour dates announced the other day, how exciting! Although (if all goes to plan) I won’t be in the UK for this, I highly recommend that you go and see them at on of the below dates:

Oct 23 Southampton Guildhall
Oct 24 Cardiff University
Oct 25 Liverpool Carling Academy
Oct 26 Leeds Carling Academy
Oct 28 Sheffield Carling Academy
Oct 29 Birmingham Carling Academy
Oct 30 Cambridge Corn Exchange
Nov 01 Manchester Apollo
Nov 02 Glasgow Carling Academy
Nov 03 Leicester University
Nov 05 Brighton Dome
Nov 06 London Brixton Carling Academy
Nov 07 London Brixton Carling Academy (Late 9pm-3am)

I’d say get tickets for the Nov 7th date in Brixton as on their last tour back in Febuary they started the show with a full brass band.. bit cool eh. Get your tickets HERE from Friday 25th…

Last night…

21 Apr

We went to see the PopJustice ‘Wonky’ tour featuring Leon Jean Marie, FrankMusik and Alphabeat. It was great. I particularly enjoyed the audience participation which only lasted for a second in LJM’s set but they were really enjoyable, reggae-electro anyone?
Alphabeat were also brilliant – really cheesy and lead singer Anders seemed to be slightly… intoxicated? Up most treat of the night was when all three acts came on to perform Digital Love which I linked to a few weeks ago. I’m still just not sure about FrankMusik, especially as he wasn’t wearing his trade mark white glasses. Let down.

Hot Chip were on the radio last week. Not in the UK but in the USA. Oh the magic of the Internet.
You can listen to them live: here.


1 Apr

My computer is SCREWED. So therefore I don’t know how often I am going to be able to update in the next month or so… oh, and that little matter of my ever pending Dissertation. SO. Here are some lovely remixes and a wicked cover from the fabulous Hot Chip:

Hot Chip – Sensual Seduction (Snoop Dogg Cover)

For some reason, I really like Moby’s Disco Lies. But, even better is this remix:
Disco Lies – Spencer and Hills Remix

Hearts Revolution – CYAO (Paparazzi Remix)
Kill The Noise – Hey You (Paparazzi Remix)

Ladytron – Play Girl (Felix Da Housecat Glitz Clubhead Mix)

What is it with Eastern Europeans and their dirty, dirty Electro?
Maral Salmassi – Fire Gem (Fukkk Offf Remix)

BearBot – Quality Pipes – I don’t really know how to describe this… no-no-no notorious? I like it.

So, finally, in anticipation of an amazing gig at Audio on the 20thPopJustice have given us a remix of Daft Punk’s Digital Love performed by not ONLY Alphabeat, but FrankMusik too! Hooray!

Have you seen the Summercase 08′ Line Up?!
Primal Scream, Hot Chip, M.I.A, SEX PISTOLS!, 2ManyDJ’s, CSS, Mystery Jets (my personal favourite), Tiga, and Santogold!
Plus more but I don’t care. This is enough excitement for me.

Thank you – MissingToof

Over and over and over and over and over….

9 Feb

Like a monkey with a minature symbol…
This is such a brilliant cover of Hot Chip’s Over and Over by The Miserable Rich who are from Brighton.. They are actually playing tonight at Komedia but sadly, I am already busy.