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1 Mar

How apt that my latest title reflects my own state over the last few weeks. I have been on holiday, hoorah! Although, it wasn’t as relaxing as a holiday should be as we went to Berlin. Which was great. But I still prefer Barcelona.

SO. What have we missed? A little round up of some songs from my inbox from my week of neglect.

A couple of remixes of Red Blooded Woman’s Enjoy The Silence:

Designer Drugs Remix

Heads We Dance Remix

Eminem – Crack the Bottle (DiscoTech Remix... In the theme of Berlin, i’m loving these German remixers)

Ace Of Base – All That She Wants (Disco Villans Remix)

N.A.S.A – Money ft. David Bryne

FrankMusik – Rehab

David Bowie vs. MGMT – Stardust Kids (A Plus D Bootie Remix)

Quickly, please.

15 Feb

In my absence from the blogging World, I’ve had time to go through some amazing emails from artists, have raided Hypem and been incredibly vigilant in reading other people’s blogs…  I’ve collected an amazing amount of new music that I want to share with you, lucky.

My latest obsession seems to be inspired by this remix:

Obsessions – Marina and the Diamonds (Aspirin for my Children Remix)

Not much information on this lady, other than that she is from Poland…. Cool little remix from the power electro re-mixers:

Dark Circles – Avain X (Designer Drugs Remix)

Everyone knows who Fleetwood Mac are, so no introduction needed there, I hope… Cosmo Vitelli is another amazing French artists, with his own record label which has released records for Simian Mobile Disco and Yuksek, needless to add, he is pretty good and so is this:

Keep on Going – Fleetwood Mac (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)

It’s Drum and Bass time! I rarely listen to this genre, but always keep an eye out for High Contrast remixes:

Time To Pretend – MGMT (High Contrast Remix)

I hate the Ting Ting’s, probably why I welcome a remix every now and again to make their music bearable. After Tom Neville’s amazing remix of Not My Name, Bimbo Jones puts a great spin on their new(ish) song:

Fruit Machine – The Ting Ting’s (Bimbo Jones Remix)

Amazingly hard to find this one, featured on Annie Mac’s Mash Up a couple of weeks ago, it’ll be hitting the blogosphere hard, as most associations with La Roux do:

In For The Kill – La Roux (Skream’d Let Get Ravey Remix)

Their remix of Grace Jones’s Williams Blood was amazing, one of my favourite records of 2008 in fact. I jumped at the chance to listen to this one, and I think you’ll see why:

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys (Aeroplane Bootleg)

The Police, Disco Tech, need I say more:

Roxanne – The Police (Disco Tech Remix)

Any excuse to post a Fleetwood picture…