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Caravan Palace

18 Oct

I was stumbling around Hype Machine as usual when I get some time to myself, and I found on my trail of French artists (started with SoKo, remember her?!) that I ended up with some French Electro Swing (their term not mine) put together by the awesome Caravan Palace.


They’re a Parisian six piece who are somewhere between Nouvelle Vague and Daft Punk. Sounds intriguing, right? Well you can have a listen below, and then become as obsessed as I am and download their album, watch The Mask, and have a dance.

Caravan Palace – Brotherswing

Caravan Palace – Suzy

Pour un Infidele.

9 Sep

This is Beatrice. 


A little while ago she released an album under the name of Coeur de Pirate which is French (Canadian) for Pirate Heart. It’s pure pop, in that way that only French singers can do, she makes herself sound truly innocent and urges you to want to learn how to speak French. It almost makes you forget about her past as a nude model. But hey, we all start somewhere.