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Come On Over.

18 Aug











London four-piece Veronica Falls sound like they’re from New York, with a real Velvet Underground feel and some fantastic vocals that also make you feel like you want to roll down Hampstead Heath and celebrate everything about being from London. They’re currently touring, and playing in London later this year, click the picture below to get yourselves tickets for the Lexington.



Veronica Falls – Come on Over







25 May

Hi All.
Just a quick post, Little Boots has her first ever reallifesinglerelease out today. Good for her. I cannot wait for her album, it’s like one big gay disco, especially Remedy, amazing.
Go to the following to download New In Town:



Play MP3

Amazon MP3

Also, if you pop down to her ‘Bootique’ you can pre-order a copy of Hands which is out on the 8th June (I’M SO EXCITED.)

Music for Hairproducts

16 Apr

Sometimes, you look at two people and you would never, ever think that they could make such cool music. All things considered, Arthur and Martha, or in fact, Adam and Alice, make REALLY cool music. No offence like.

Influences range from Kraftwerk to Soft Cell, with a little bit of Kylie thrown in,

 and you can hear almost every influence listed on their MySpace in their songs. It’s dreamy electro-pop that has just the right amount of bleeps, they have got all of the good bits of the Postal Service but with better vocals and more consistently good songs. 

Here are three of their brilliant songs, visit their website, buy their songs, Love them.

Arthur and Martha – Squarewave to Heaven

Arthur and Martha – Music for Hairproducts

Arthur and Martha – Autovia

Love can’t turn around.

16 Feb

I love Barcelona. I’ve been there the last couple of years now for Summercase music festival and generally for a nice holiday/mess. The dance scene in Barcelona has been… questionable until recent waves of electro house producers and DJ’s seem to be taking over. Watch out Paris, Barcelona is slowly overtaking your claim on top European DJ’s.

Here are two remixes that they have recently done:

Farley Jackmaster Funk –  Love Can’t Turn Around (Sidechains Remix)

Heads We Dance – The Human Touch (Sidechains Remix)


Their Myspace

Guns and Horses

13 Feb

Another Welsh female singer for your aural delights, Ellie Goulding describes her music as “folk songs that got tangled up in a bush with some synthesizer,” She is currently supporting VV Brown on tour, (who I just found out wrote some of the Sugababes songs..!) which is a pretty good start, supporting VV Brown, not writing for The Sugababes that is.

Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses

Ellie Goulding – The End

Ellie’s Myspace