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New Belle and Sebastian!

12 Aug

Hurrah! With their first album since 2006, Belle and Sebastian Write About Love has finally been announced to be released later this year.

Huge tour happening at the moment, catch them in England in December..

Stuart from the band released this exciting little competition of sorts on their Flickr account:

“The new record is called Belle and Sebastian Write About Love. While I was doing the art, I got Kim from the ace band, Zoey Van Goey, to write this in chalk in a few secluded spots in Glasgow, and I took her picture. Here she is:

Write About Love by belles glasgow

What I was thinking was, it would be fun if some of you tried the same thing, and either filmed yourself doing it or got someone to take a picture. You can upload them here for everyone to see. We’ll choose some of the best ones to use in our online TV show and will award some trophies for the most striking, scenic, artistic or funny contributions.

To sum up, I’d like to see pictures or footage of you writing either Belle and Sebastian Write About Love; or Write About Love; in secret or public places, in the town you live in.

Post them here – and please, remember to use chalk or at least something non permanent!”

Business Casual

1 Jul

Montreal based Chromeo release their new album Business Casual in September, and last week they released a couple of their new tracks. They need no introduction, but here’s a tracklisting and also where you can catch them playing over the Summer.

1. Hot Mess

2. I’m Not Contagious

3. You Make It Rough

4. Don’t Turn The Lights On

5. Grow Up

6. Night By Night

7. Don’t Walk Away

8. When The Night Falls

9. The Right Type

10. J’ai Claque La Porte

Click here for tickets to Lovebox, where along with Peaches, Hot Chip and Grace Jones, Chromeo will be playing.

Chromeo – Night by Night


1 Jul

I’m going to see Example (NOT NDUBZ) as part of the iTunes Live festivals happening in London over this Summer.

You may remember the amazing song Watch the Sun Come Up that came out last year, well he’s back with a huge UK tour and a new album in September. His new Single ‘Kickstarts’ is amazing, and a breezy way to dance on a terrace somewhere with a jug of Mojito. He’s like a mix between the wonderful beats of Calvin Harris and the rapping of Dizzee Rascal, but more in tune.

Example – Watch the Sun Come Up (Studio version)

Example – Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix)

Here’s the official video for Kickstarts