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What a Wild Child.

13 Nov


Finally, a break through indie-folk band that I actually want to listen to over and over and OVER again. Another treat from Texas, Wild Child just released their album Pillow Talk as a six piece, evolving from just two. Dreamy melodies and that wonderful boy&girl vocal duo make Pillow Talk high up there in my ‘best of’ 2011 albums.


Wild Child – Pillow Talk

Put Your Guns Up

3 Oct

Azealia Bank$, yep that’s a dollar sign, manages to produce incredible mash up of attitude. Electro music with a streak of Missy Elliot if she’d just been mugged, a lot of kissing of teeth and clever lyrics. She’s fantastic. New York musicians are getting in to a genre of their own, but Bank$ manages to mix up about 3 different genres with synths flying every which way in 212, and even managed to sample the killer track Seventeen by Ladytron, in the same name song. GURRRRRL.


Azealia Bank$ – 212


6 Jul

There are quite a few mediocre ‘siblings of already successful artists’ knocking around – see Solange Knowles, but newcomer Haidara Swaray or H-Boogie, sister of ever so popular R&B/pop goddess Estelle seems to maybe have a slightly new edge. She has a cool, disco-y edge that you can check out here on her Myspace, and when she gets signed we can expect a pretty brilliant album i’m guessing.

It’s just a shame about the stage name…

Music for Hairproducts

16 Apr

Sometimes, you look at two people and you would never, ever think that they could make such cool music. All things considered, Arthur and Martha, or in fact, Adam and Alice, make REALLY cool music. No offence like.

Influences range from Kraftwerk to Soft Cell, with a little bit of Kylie thrown in,

 and you can hear almost every influence listed on their MySpace in their songs. It’s dreamy electro-pop that has just the right amount of bleeps, they have got all of the good bits of the Postal Service but with better vocals and more consistently good songs. 

Here are three of their brilliant songs, visit their website, buy their songs, Love them.

Arthur and Martha – Squarewave to Heaven

Arthur and Martha – Music for Hairproducts

Arthur and Martha – Autovia