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Put Your Guns Up

3 Oct

Azealia Bank$, yep that’s a dollar sign, manages to produce incredible mash up of attitude. Electro music with a streak of Missy Elliot if she’d just been mugged, a lot of kissing of teeth and clever lyrics. She’s fantastic. New York musicians are getting in to a genre of their own, but Bank$ manages to mix up about 3 different genres with synths flying every which way in 212, and even managed to sample the killer track Seventeen by Ladytron, in the same name song. GURRRRRL.


Azealia Bank$ – 212


1 Jul

I’m going to see Example (NOT NDUBZ) as part of the iTunes Live festivals happening in London over this Summer.

You may remember the amazing song Watch the Sun Come Up that came out last year, well he’s back with a huge UK tour and a new album in September. His new Single ‘Kickstarts’ is amazing, and a breezy way to dance on a terrace somewhere with a jug of Mojito. He’s like a mix between the wonderful beats of Calvin Harris and the rapping of Dizzee Rascal, but more in tune.

Example – Watch the Sun Come Up (Studio version)

Example – Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix)

Here’s the official video for Kickstarts

Under the Sheets

25 Oct

YES, Ellie Goulding. Good job.

Mowgli’s Road

21 Oct

I don’t know what to make of the new Marina & the Diamonds video.. It’s just basically very, very weird.

Is it wrong…

14 Oct

That sometimes I fancy Peaches? Especially in her new video for I Feel Cream…

PMS + Kid Cudi

12 Sep

I love Pretty Monkey Studio’s videos. I think this is the simplest but best yet. Kid Cudi ft. Lady GaGa.


Sammy Banana’s remix of this song RIGHT HERE. <—– I love this.

Kid Harpoon + Florence

24 Aug

This is apparently from AGES ago, it’s a really nice B-Side with Kid Harpoon and Florence covering Bruce Springsteen’s I’m going Down recorded for BBC6 Music.

Kid Harpoon and Florence Welch – I’m Going Down

And in case you haven’t seen the video for Florence & the Machine’s new(ish) single Drumming Song, here is that as well.


6 Jul

A brilliant video finally arrived in my inbox for a brilliant song that I wrote about a while ago – MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend’s Heartbreaker.


Florence does Halo

26 Jun

Florence and the Machine at the Live Lounge this week covering Beyonce’s Halo… How good.

Basment Jaxx in the Live Lounge

26 Jun

Basement Jaxx covered Little Boots yesterday in Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge on Radio 1, enjoy below: