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The Polyamorous Affair

10 Jun

About time. I needed a new band to obsess over for a bit. And here they are, The Polyamorous Affair from L.A (so they must be cool..) who specialise in electronica/pop and have a fairly similar vibe to Scissor Sisters, but let’s face it, are just a bit better.

Merry Go Round

You can download some of their songs right here.

Download this.

26 May

So it’s been a long time coming, but finally Mojo has been released as a Beta for Windows. It is similar to an old program I used to use in Uni halls when we were all on one massive network except this time, you don’t need to be on a network to share music. Super!
Download it here: Mojo
You can add your pals easily and I have been sharing music all day. Lovely.

5 Feb

So wrong, but SO right.

AMR’s Lady Soverign Love Me or Hate Me Remix