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29 Oct

Brighton Port Authority (or BPA for the cool kids, as I was informed by someone obviously far cooler than me..) are made up of what seem to be Fat Boy Slim’s good friends. To name drop – Thomas Gandy AKA CagedBaby, Lateef, Martha Wainwright, Olly Hite, Dizzee Rascal and on their latest single Seattle, Emmy The Great.

Their song Toe Jam was featured on this very blog a while back now, I don’t think it received the airplay it deserved but I’m sure that Seattle will, with beautiful vocals from Emmy The Great will be heard a significant amount more.
So, here in all it’s shiny new glory is the new single and another featured on their website:
I have taken these down… look above for other great BPA stuff.

FatBoy WHAT?

27 Sep

Welcome to Brighton, fans.

Fatboy Slim ft. Dizzee Rascal vs. David Byrne

18 Jun

Taking the concept of censorship one step too far…