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Purely for Charlie’s Sake…

25 Mar

An overdue update… I have been slightly busy recently with friends being back for Easter etc etc blah blah. Just excuses really.
But here we go:

I love Dunproofin, the remixes are always fantastic. Particularly this:

Standing In the Way Of Felix
And this: We Want Your Acid

Can’t stop listening to this Stonebridge remix of Sia’s The Girl You Lost which is very very good, especially if you are driving.. it doesn’t even get boring on repeat.

I’m suggesting (or recommending) a couple of artists to have a listen to:
Rochelle, really hard to download any music for them.. but if you *maybe* have options to download music off myspace then I suggest you do that, nice electro/Indie/Pop. “They are roughly what New Order might have sounded like had Gillian Gilbert, not Bernard Sumner, stepped up to the mic in the terrible aftermath of Ian Curtis’ suicide.”
And again, hard to get hold of their stuff unless you go to the iTunes store, or maybe use that myspace downloading tool that I have only heard about.. Coconut Records who are fronted by Jason Schwartzman of films such as Rushmore and I Huckabees, from LA
Here is Nighttiming by Coconut Records

Also, worth checking out are Electric Valentine and Ultraviolet Sound who are also both from LA and nice and dirty electro-pop punk bands.


27 Feb

If you haven’t heard of them then sort it out. Big in Denmark for ages, finally made their way over to the UK and have been getting some good airplay… like most of Radio1’s playlist songs, at least once every DJ slot.

So another fantastic suprise from Dunproofin’ with this nice little Futureheads vs. Alphabeat

Alphabeat will be playing at Audio April 16th and I just.can’t.wait.
Hoorah for happy music!

A Quick Jump into 2008

5 Feb

So 2007 was very much Kate Nash’s year in the category of female pop/acoustic/soulish kind of singer. In my opinion, Kate Nash is now really old news, I love her album but the hype surrounding ‘Foundations’ quite simply was out of this World.
We saw her in Brighton for the Great Escape festval at Pressure Point, a small capacity venue, back in May 07′ and I know now, you could never dream of seeing her in such a small venue. Shame.

This year, I am really exicted about two (relitavely) new female singers – Duffy and Adele. We also saw Adele at the GE at Red Roaster, seriously intimate and enjoyable. Duffy I am yet to see but desperate to.
I found this amazing re-mix of the song ‘Mercy’ done by the incredible Dunproofin. Adele’s album ’19’ is really, really good. There isn’t a song on there that I don’t like. With these two being tipped to battle it out in 2008, Duffy needs to come out with something seriously good to stay in the competition.

As most people who know me know, I am obsessed with remixes and also with discovering new music. Although I keep a personal blog, I am going to start this music one up just to recommend music that I find really. Often stolen from other similar blogs but really just so that I can keep track of what I need to download and listen to.