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5 Jun

I have to post this, i’m probably not allowed until Monday, but in high anticipation of the release of Hands by Little Boots, i’m popping up just the most amazingly Euro-Pop-Gay song i’ve heard in ages. I can’t wait for some remixes of this.

Little Boots – Remedy

Plus, a few others from the new Album:

Little Boots – Ghosts

Little Boots – Tune In To My Heart

Little Boots – Hearts Collide

Go to the Bootique and order the album, or get it off Itunes, or buy it in the shops. Just get it, it is amazing.

New Goulding

30 Mar

Ellie Goulding, a personal favourite new artist of mine, has just dropped a live version of Guns and Horses. It is, simply, brilliant.

Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses (Live version)


20 Mar

Some ‘thumping’ remixes for you to see you through our sunny weekend ahead, whilst I work, inside, behind closed doors. And what better way to sum up the following re-mixers extraordinaries other than proper reviewers:

“Villains are an LA party machine, revving up tracks like ‘Hunting For Witches’ into full-on bangers.” Vice Magazine

“L.A. remix duo extracts a few key slivers from Michael Jackson’s disco-werewolf epic and creates a blissfully stuttery electro-funk strut that Daft Punk should snap up anon.” Spin Magazine

N.A.S.A – Watchadoin’ (Villains Remix)

Daft Punk – Around The World (Villains Remix)

Britney Spears – Circus (Villains Remix)

Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor (LA Riots vs. Villains Remix)

Bloc Party – Ares (Villains Remix)

Quickly, please.

15 Feb

In my absence from the blogging World, I’ve had time to go through some amazing emails from artists, have raided Hypem and been incredibly vigilant in reading other people’s blogs…  I’ve collected an amazing amount of new music that I want to share with you, lucky.

My latest obsession seems to be inspired by this remix:

Obsessions – Marina and the Diamonds (Aspirin for my Children Remix)

Not much information on this lady, other than that she is from Poland…. Cool little remix from the power electro re-mixers:

Dark Circles – Avain X (Designer Drugs Remix)

Everyone knows who Fleetwood Mac are, so no introduction needed there, I hope… Cosmo Vitelli is another amazing French artists, with his own record label which has released records for Simian Mobile Disco and Yuksek, needless to add, he is pretty good and so is this:

Keep on Going – Fleetwood Mac (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)

It’s Drum and Bass time! I rarely listen to this genre, but always keep an eye out for High Contrast remixes:

Time To Pretend – MGMT (High Contrast Remix)

I hate the Ting Ting’s, probably why I welcome a remix every now and again to make their music bearable. After Tom Neville’s amazing remix of Not My Name, Bimbo Jones puts a great spin on their new(ish) song:

Fruit Machine – The Ting Ting’s (Bimbo Jones Remix)

Amazingly hard to find this one, featured on Annie Mac’s Mash Up a couple of weeks ago, it’ll be hitting the blogosphere hard, as most associations with La Roux do:

In For The Kill – La Roux (Skream’d Let Get Ravey Remix)

Their remix of Grace Jones’s Williams Blood was amazing, one of my favourite records of 2008 in fact. I jumped at the chance to listen to this one, and I think you’ll see why:

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys (Aeroplane Bootleg)

The Police, Disco Tech, need I say more:

Roxanne – The Police (Disco Tech Remix)

Any excuse to post a Fleetwood picture…

Great Escape

14 May

Can’t quite believe it’s been a year since the last one.. But here is my line up for my weekend of fun. With a delegates pass none the less!

Ida Maria, The XX, Sarah McLeod, Alphabeat, Peggy Sue and the Pirates, Go! Team, Ting Ting’s
Yoav, guest talk with guy who created Hype Machine – natch, The Shoes, Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya, Matt and Kim, Operator Please, Joe Hot Chip, Ipso Facto, Lovebox DJ’s
Tuaca Promotion (!!!), The Clik Clik, Wiley, Mystery Jets, Fujiya and Miyagi, Laura Marling, Sam Sparro, Santogold.

PHEW. What a cracking line up. I will be doing some sort of review after it all. Unfortunatly, my computer is being a spastic again so I can’t upload any music. Damn.

The Shoes

11 Mar

I like this. A lot. Yet another French group..

The Shoes – Knock Out (80s Kidz Remix)

Thanks to Pinglewood

(Late) Monday Fun

10 Mar

So after a pretty hectic weekend… here are some fun things to kick off your week:

Played by a top-DJ-friend at Eurotrash this weekend, this got me a bit over-excited:
Wannabe – Spice Girls (The Touch Remix)

Pete Tong’s Essential song of the week and quite rightly so:
Something New (Galactic Remix) – The Black Ghosts vs. Lindstrom

Annie Mac played this massive collaboration last week (excuse her talking briefly):
Soulwax vs. Justice – Disco Sirens

These Boots Were Made for Walking – DJ Metric

Can’t get enough of Hercules and Love Affair.. particularly Blind which is sure to be huge. They are all over the press so we shall see. Sam Sparro seems to be on the rise (as predicted uh-huh!) and on every radio station and music channel well, everywhere. Gnarls Berkley‘s new album is also bound to be rather good, the first single Run is good, not sure about the others yet haven’t listened enough. But I will.

PrettyMuchAmazing has posted lots and lots of delightful Soulwax remixes for your listening delight. Nothing new here just some favourites.

The new Ministry Of Sound Mash Up Mix 2008 is seriously, seriously fun. So go, download it, or even buy it.

Thanks to POS, TheseRocksPop

Oooo Hark at eee BOY.

4 Mar

Aretha Franklin & The Rolling Stones – A Deeper Love (Chew Fu & Steve Clisby Vocal mix)

The Wombats – Kill The Director (CSS remix)

The Wombats – Moving To New York
(The Touch Remix)

Also, getting quite excited about the line up at SummerCase in Barcelona 2008. The Sex Pistols?! Awesome.


YO Majesty

28 Feb

Just been reminded about this…

Yo Majesty – Club Action (Christopher Braves sail mix)

hahahaha how good!

21 Feb

Bloc Party vs. Outkast – She’s Hearing Bombs (Cosmo Baker Remix)
Thanks to Schitz Popinov

Dragonnette – The Boys (Calvin Harris cover.. The girls.)

Mystery Jets – Young Love (ft. Laura Marling) I love Laura Marling.

Also, this band Little Boots are rather good. Here is their Stuck on Repeat. May recognise the lead singer as she was formally in Dead Disco and this song was produced by Joe from Hot Chip. Bit of a step in the right direction eh?