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Hot Bitch Arsenal

5 Feb

I can’t remember where i started listening to this American Duo but ever since the first listen to Double Down Quick I have been totally hooked. The most similar artist i suppose would be Kosheen due to the melodies and slightly drum and bass kinda feel that they’ve got going on.

Being such a new and pretty much unheard of act, they have been ever so kind and supplied us with mp3’s to their entire collection right heeeeeeere. Which is nice, also if you feel really kind, you should just download them from the iTunes store.. It is only, like, £7 which isn’t that much to ask.

Ida Maria

5 Feb

Ida Maria comes from Stockholm and Her band play funky fast rythym and her vocals are maybe similar to that of Cat Power or an edgier Nina Persson from The Cardigans, not to compare too much to other Scandanavian vocalists of course..
Here is her MySpace and here is a link to her first UK released song Oh My God!