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8 May

Hot Chip were in the Radio 1 Live Lounge last week and did a cover of Wiley’s Wearing my Rolex.

Pure brilliance right here.

Thanks to FuelFriends for the link

Last night…

21 Apr

We went to see the PopJustice ‘Wonky’ tour featuring Leon Jean Marie, FrankMusik and Alphabeat. It was great. I particularly enjoyed the audience participation which only lasted for a second in LJM’s set but they were really enjoyable, reggae-electro anyone?
Alphabeat were also brilliant – really cheesy and lead singer Anders seemed to be slightly… intoxicated? Up most treat of the night was when all three acts came on to perform Digital Love which I linked to a few weeks ago. I’m still just not sure about FrankMusik, especially as he wasn’t wearing his trade mark white glasses. Let down.

Hot Chip were on the radio last week. Not in the UK but in the USA. Oh the magic of the Internet.
You can listen to them live: here.

I am not part of the Computer Club any more.

10 Apr

I quite like these people, from Alabama, USA – Computer Club.
They just did this nice little cover of ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ by New Order
And one of their own: Computer Club – Load Rocket

Martina Topley Bird(What a name!) is straight out of London and Van She have just done a nice remix of her great tune ‘Poison’ HERE

Ida Corr’s Let Me Think About it is really old now yes? Well enjoy this version by the great Mickey Slim: Let Me think About it

This little remix of Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack by Engineerz of Soul is rather good too.

Finally, this just popped up:
Jane Jarboe and Justin Broadrick (cello vs. heavy metal anyone?) did this bizarre little number:

I’m without Itunes at the moment (and am back on the farm at my parents) as my computer is on its way to computer Heaven. But I have noticed that Hype Machine are now doing a scrobbling service, which is nice. So if you want to add me as a pal: then I’m right here!
Now, I know there are quite a few people reading this blog which makes me feel quite happy. If you have any recommendations that you would like to pass on I would be even happier. Oh, and thanks for reading 🙂

Thank you Pinglewood