Jenny Wilson Interview

Jenny Wilson, 10/06/2009

Can you describe your music to me, so that someone who has never heard you will go out and buy your album immediately?

Modern work songs of all times! Shimmering in-preparedness-poetry and raw r’n’b, in a way you’ve never heard it before. Poplike spirituals.
It feels like salt and pepper on your tongue. And sparkels as a burning matchstick that you can burn your fingertips on!

There has been a huge influx of young female ‘alternative pop’ artists, a genre that I think you fit in to quite nicely, do you follow much new music, and where do you get your influences from?

am not so good with following new music, I rather stick to one thing for a very long time. But one great benefit you’ve got as an artist, is that it’s just GO AHEAD take a little bit from her, a little bit from him, a little bit from a book, a poem, a piece of art, from reality or from your fantasy… As long as you turn it back with a new twist, a new thought, from a fresh angle!

Any plans for a tour in the UK?

No plans yet, but if everything goes my way, I will tour UK for sure!

You play all the instruments on your recorded albums, what are the influences for all of the instruments that you play? Do you prefer to just use your voice for melodies?

I played almost all instruments on the Love and Youth album. It was fun, and I needed to work in that way. I wasn’t so certain in my role of being a producer then, so I felt much more secure with working with my self.

When I started my work with Hardships! I knew exactly where I wanted to take it, both conceptually and musically. I had a great self confidence and therefore I could invite a LOT of people. I think there is about 16 guests on Hardships!

Who would be your ultimate duet partner? And what song?

Missy Elliott! And we would write that song together in the fading light of the setting sun somewhere in California.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your stage show be like?

Amazing costumes, amazing lights, an army of percussionists and a big teenage choir!

Are you pleased with the reception from your latest album?

As a matter of fact, I was a bit worried that people would not take this second album to their hearts as easily as the first one. My debut album had a theme that circled around the school and the teenage years. The times when you were too old for playgrounds, but too young for the cigarettes you smoked in the swingers on some god damned playground, you know.

This topic contains something very familiar – everyone has been in school, everyone has been a teenager.

Hardships! is a record about motherhood and war, about fights, about standing in the middle of a line of fire, of preparedness, of big love and struggle.

I was a bit nervous that half of my fans would feel excluded. Instead I had the most amazing and strong reactions I ever had. And a lot of men can see them self’s in my words. I am bloody proud!

What is your favourite ever song?

There are so many favourite songs that I would not like to be without. But one of the most memory-awakening song, is The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry”. It’s one of the most catchy and brilliant pop songs ever written. And every time I hear it – the bass, the guitars, the drums and Robert’s vocals – it tickle my heart and soul, and touches that very special nerve inside of me, which goes like a highway to all my teenage memories! The bittersweet flavour!

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