Ellie Goulding Interview

Ellie Goulding, 19/04/2009

How did you decide that what you really wanted to do was become a singer?
—I’m not sure i decided. Something decided for me. There’s something pushing me to do what I’m doing, a wierd force that I struggled against by trying to train to be an athlete then go to University in an attempt to be normal. I went from being told not to sing (because i sounded wierd apparently) to winning a competition by just singing a couple of covers on stage with my guitar very nervously and thats when I got spotted by Calvin Harris’ management. This force thing could be fate maybe although i am skeptical about that stuff. Its a dark side that keeps me unhinged and impassioned constantly yet it makes me write about hope. I do just want to give people hope.

How did the collaboration with Vince of Frank Musik come about? Are there going to be more electro influences in up and coming songs, like the great cover of Black and Gold?
—I sent the guy a song called wish i stayed about a year ago because I thought he had interesting production. I went to his house to re-record it and he added beats and shit. This was the force! I don’t know why I went to him out of everyone but something told me to! We didn’t do anything with the song for a while mainly because people didn’t like my crossover from acoustic to electronic. I put it up on my myspace and within months it had already had 100,000 plays out of nowhere. Every colloboration I get involved with I chose myself and its not necassarily electronic producers, just those who have something really interesting and innovative about their production. I’ve been working a bit with Guy Sigsworth (of Frou Frou). I found Starsmith through a friend and as soon as we did a session together we instantly clicked and thats how we made starry eyed- i took a song to him and he produced it. At the beginning of the first ever session we were so polite then by the end we were just taking the piss, throwing objects at each other and insulting each other constantly. I thought- this is someone I want to work with for a long time.

How are you finding all of the comparisons? eg. Kate Nash meets Hot Chip… Is there anyone you don’t want to be compared to or is it all complimentary?
—They suck!! Its very flattering but whats the point of new music if people just compare you to other people.
i don’t think i sound like Kate Nash (I’m not from London for a start) and the Guardian compared me to Cerys Matthews. Sorry but WTF? . God i’ve had everyone from Imogen Heap to joni Mitchell. The truth is, as much as I deeply admire these females, I much prefer male singers and what male singers tend to write about. Its way more interesting listening to their take on things.

Any news on an album and is there going to be a tour coming up any time soon?
—I need a band, any suggestions? Must like the series “nighty night”. And play like Minus the Bear on acid. oh and must like T-pain. I have a drummer now though. he used to play for i was a cub scout and he’s absoloutly incredible.

Do you agree with Erol Alkan’s view on blogs ‘taking the suprise away’ from live gigs, or are you going to have an amazing tour set like Madonna (maybe on slightly more of a budget) that none of us were expecting?!
—I think blogs are cool and its important to let fans know your opinions and views and what you’ve been up to, BUT, I think sometimes its nice to have an air of mystery and suprise about yourself. I would not say no to a Madonna tour set, no sir! Because people pay to see a bloody good show!

I don’t blog. And whenever I have, I take it down within a few days depending on the content. Yes I like to let people know what I’m up to, but truly I just want to make songs and music and that can speak for its self. My songs generally ponder about things and ask why, so people can ask themselves the same things. Its the same with image in a way, because sometimes you can alienate people. Which I don’t think is fair. My live set will be glisteningly simple so my songs can do all the work. In an ideal world 🙂

The hype about you on blogs is amazing, I suppose like all the hype around Little Boots last year, who is yet to release her album Hands, it must be pretty overwhelming.   Do you find that you are under more pressure as the amount of unsigned acts trying to break through is growing every day, or do you think it may be a benefit due to the word of mouth power through the internet?
—There’s heaps of pressure and I’m not going to deny it, i have been totally weak, and often wonder what the point is in constantly finding ways of gaining fans and getting noticed. Then I slap myself because these thoughts irrationally spiral out of control! I don’t aspire to be famous or a celebrity, i aspire to be successful and to give people hope as fucking cheesy as that sounds. I would have that attitude in any career I was in- The internet is a wonderful tool and it is more important now than ever for music, and increasingly so. It should not be underestimated!!

Who are your favourite artists of the moment? Any collaborations you want to do?
—I am desperate to make a song with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) Actually, just spending a few minutes having a conversation with him would be enough.  I cannot begin to describe what his latest album has done to me.  Also, I would absoloutly love to guest vocal on a t-pain track. whip that autotune out baby I’m ready.

Have you got a check list with ‘places to play’ and ‘people to play in front of’?
—um……. maybe. Probably the living room of every single family member alive. Like one second no one knows where the hell I am or what I’m doing, the next, my nana’s like, why are you featured in the guardian? She’d never heard me sing before. My dad still hasn’t. Well, you can’t force people!

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