Operator Please, Take 2

16 Apr

I’m going to now devote an entire post to this week’s favourite band – Operator Please. I know, I know, I have spoken about them a couple of times before, I’m just really excited about seeing them on the 18th May at Great Escape performing at Water Margin (what a stupid name for a venue) as I reckon they’re going to be quite good live… ANYWAY. Here are some of their hitzzzzz… including, as always, some remixes.

Zero Zero
Crash Tragic
Catalogue Kids
One Yellow Button
Leave It Alone (NYPC remix)
Get What You Want (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)
Just A Song About Ping Pong (On The Prowl Remix)

Oh, and isn’t it kind of RealBrighton to let me cover all the Great Escape gigs that I want to go to!

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