28 Feb

Lights is the eagerly awaited debut album from Ellie Goulding released this week. With a huge amount of hype being built up via her huge support from music blogs giving her a massive amount of free PR with some fantastic covers and remixes released over the last year, I was hoping for something a bit more… varied maybe, especially with backing from Producers Neon Gold who have released some amazing records this last year.

It’s hard to fault any of Starsmith’s bedroom produced songs too much as they are really very good but having released maybe the best few songs way before the album release (and with far less production), it’s all sounding a bit normal. Maybe it’s from all the said hype, the Brit award, topping the BBC’s ‘Sound Of 2010’ poll all the attention and pressure to release an album ASAP that Goulding’s first effort hasn’t really hit the right note. It’s clearly been a busy year for Goulding but maybe it’s not been long enough to release an album. We’ll see.

Ellie Goulding – I’ll Hold My Breath

Ellie Goulding – The Writer

Read the interview I did with Ellie this time last year right here, it’s the second one on the page…scroll down.

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